Banana Republic is launching its newest campaign, entitled “Love,” this month and while the name may be anything but surprising, the tactics utilized are unordinary. The label has partnered with famous blogger, Joy D. Cho, whose blog, Oh Joy, beckons an entirely new audience towards the campaign. For “Love,” Cho and her husband recreated their first date memories while wearing Banana Republic pieces, depicting the thematic connectivity of the campaign.

Photos: Max Wanger

Having a fashion blogger on board is a great technique for acquiring a wider audience and simply heightening the sincerity and familiarity of the brand. While Cho is opening up about love, her followers will subconsciously attach their compassion for her to the Banana Republic brand. As stated by Catherine Sadler, Banana Republic’s Global Chief Marketing Officer:

“The Love campaign reflects our passion for celebrating our customers’ most meaningful moments – both large and small…and the use of an influential blogger enables us to extend our content and reach…”

To bolster the focus on significant others even more, Banana Republic is partnering with and hosting private “After Hours” events that cater to local consumers. These 8 in-store mixers will be held in target markets including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago. Who knows, maybe someone will meet the love of their life in a Banana Republic store—that would surely increase brand loyalty. Whether the relationships are taken to that extent or not, the intention is perfectly positioned; with a “Love” campaign, all tactics must exhibit the brand’s support of the emotional, valuable qualities of the word.

Furthermore, the campaign also invites followers to Instagram or Tweet (#BRLove) their own heart-filled pictures for a chance to be featured in a special Valentine’s Day Facebook album. This allows the target market to become a part of the campaign and, therefore, a member of the image it creates and the following it supports. While this is a great way to incorporate the audience (and economize on advertising), the name of the campaign alone elicits passionate memories and reactions from viewers. By attaching the sweet blogger story,’s devotion to making love happen today, and the unique hearts of its followers, Banana Republic has laid the foundation of a campaign likely to strike a special chord with its audience.

Now we must simply wait to see if the creative print and store executions harmonize with the campaign’s promise. Banana Republic has mentioned that its print campaign, due in March magazine issues, celebrates spring felicity by capturing models and their loved ones in a whimsical, rosy setting.  The in-store displays will be introduced on February 7th, just in time for that weakness we all feel on love’s iconic day. Way to hit us at our core, Banana Republic.