Director Guy Ritchie did a great job directing the action packed unraveling of the already very scantly clothed David Beckham in the newest H&M spot. David jumps in and out of the pools of his affluent neighborhood while chasing after a bathrobe on-the-run. By end of the spot, there’s bus full of tourists, incredulously left staring at a David that could easily be mistaken for one chiseled out by Michelangelo, in green briefs. The 37- year old soccer superstar doesn’t seem fazed, though.  He continues his chase, right after we get a well lighted close up of him pulling a skin tight wedgie.


 Yes.  H&M continually uses David Beckham’s sex appeal to sell underwear. And coupled with a mildly humorous plot and good directing, it could get through to a wide demographic. The Go Daddy Super Bowl commercial is another recent attempt at marking sex appeal, but with a slightly more hardcore undertone. Are they both as affective? Do they cause the same type of stir in consumers? Does it really matter what the actors/models/football players do in ads as long as they are ridiculously good looking? Will selling sex ever get old?

OK, scratch that last one.