Consumers are much more likely to connect with a brand if they know it’s “about us,” where it originates or how it is fabricated. But what about a brand that has been present for so long that it has become iconic? How do you revamp such banality? Cadbury Dairy Milk responded last year with Joyville, a land of jubilant chocolate production, and is continuing this campaign throughout the current year. On Sunday, Cadbury released a TV commercial, entitled “Joyville Special Delivery,” for its Australian market announcing an extremely unique and delightful competition. Watch and see what I mean:

Created by Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney, the advertisement brings both Joyville and the competition to life. First of all, the premise and prizes of the contest are seamlessly integrated with the visual imagery (filmed in stunning New Zealand) to foster a tone that matches Joyville and its lighthearted purple. Most importantly, the spot entices viewers to imagine which of their own joys could be fabricated out of chocolate.  The childhood fantasies of chocolate factories and happy workers are reignited, while the notion of a grand prize being delivered to one’s door further feeds the whimsicality.

Participation clearly comes with a price. To join in the festivities, viewers must purchase a specially-marked CADBURY Dairy Milk and acquire its unique printed code. In addition, the game is architected on Facebook, so each participant must also “Like” the brand’s Australian page before admission. Afterwards, each participant is allowed to pop a balloon (the same balloons witnessed in the video) and discover whether they have won one of the 1,000 packs given away daily or even one of the six Joyville Special Deliveries. Another well-placed piece of the puzzle is the mobile optimization of the game, so that users may participate while on-the-go as easily as they would at home.

The relationship between brand and consumer in this case is quite give-and-take. If you are a loyal follower of the CADBURY taste, then you will be buying those limited-edition chocolate bars; once you do that, you are rewarded with the chance to win much more.  The best characteristic of this campaign, however, is that it is translating the promise of the brand into reality. As stated by Ben Wicks, General Manager Marketing Chocolate:

“The Joyville Special Deliveries promotion is a unique and generous concept that is all about recognising and celebrating what brings real people joy.”

Wicks, along with the rest of his team, truly wishes to bring consumers joy and plans on doing so by delivering personalized happiness in a CADBURY chocolate-wrapped form. At that moment, it is up to you to put two and two together.