Samsung continues to try to make a name for itself amidst its competitors and it seems that the brand has finally discovered its niche. Samsung is transforming into an advocate for technology’s ability to empower the human mind and cater to the first steps in any direction—inspiration and creativity. In the spirit of New York Fashion Week, Samsung has partnered its Galaxy Note II with Alexander Wang to transmit that exact message.

Selected for his fresh look and busy lifestyle, Alexander Wang embodies the ideal Galaxy Note II customer. His dependence on multitasking, a vivid screen and even a stylus is depicted beautifully in the video. The Galaxy Note II is advertised as an extension of creativity, a go-to device for unexpected bursts of artistry and, simultaneously, a mini-assistant that keeps minutiae from meddling with originality.

The partnership revolves around a crowdsourcing technique. Alexander Wang will invite some of his closest friends, collaborators, and colleagues to share their inspired sketches with him and, from this versatile collection, Wang will design a collective print to appear on a future bag. The entire concept is obviously based on the participants’ usage of the Samsung Galaxy Note II not just for their innovative “doodles” (which can be images, patterns or photos), but also for their sharing.

This is another valuable characteristic of the partnership. Sociability is demanded by contemporary audiences and an ability to deliver this is something that Samsung and Alexander Wang have in common. Indeed, the creation and dissemination of vision is inherent to both the technological brand and fashion industry. The Galaxy Note II is therefore positioned as a driver of imagination, efficiency and community all in one.

As stated by Younghee Lee, Executive Vice President of Samsung Mobile:

“Samsung products are empowering users with the freedom to be creative and productive without limits. As technology and fashion converge, we will continue to create products that inspire passion through innovation.”

It is quite obvious that the fashion industry, although overflowing with right-brained creatives, relies on management, logistics and multi-tasking.  That is exactly why this partnership will be successful.  The Samsung Galaxy Note II can be positioned as a tool for creative and non-creative minds alike. While the primary target audience is comprised of hip, on-the-go artists who require structure to accomplish all that they desire, a secondary market lies in those who may be technologically-advanced yet find the possibility of inventiveness and originality alluring.

To heighten the appeal, Samsung has also disclosed that the limited-edition accessory (available in specific markets across the globe) will also act as a fundraiser for Art Start, a renowned charity that supports the creative capabilities of at-risk children and youth through the arts. This initiative satisfies Samsung’s public reputation, delivering an image of social responsibility that coincides with the overall message of the brand.

So, let us review. This campaign’s timing is perfect because of New York Fashion Week, for which Samsung Mobile is coincidentally (probably not) a sponsor. Celebrity endorsement is integrated with the highlighted features of the product and the target markets of the two brands (Samsung and Wang) are analogous. There may not be a focus on social media, but the social aspect is included in the strengths of the Galaxy Note II rather than online services. And lastly, the purchase of the final design benefits a charity that relates to the campaign and has been praised for its accomplishments.

Samsung hit all crucial points.