Wrapped around with sweetness and charm, new Wrigley’s TV commercial starring no less than Antonio Banderas, definitely drew some attention worldwide. This 30-second television commercial, showing the argument between famous actor and group of animated mischievous food characters, is aiming to encourage consumers to chew Wrigley’s Extra gum in order to “break up” with food that lingers in the mouth.

“As part of our Eat Drink Chew campaign, we wanted to create something really fun for 2013, which personified our consumer’s relationship with food. While we all love to eat and drink, some foods leave a lingering effect on teeth, and can be difficult to get rid of. The intention was to communicate the oral care benefits of chewing Extra gum in a light-hearted and engaging way”, said Pamela Brower-Nye, Wrigley’s UK and Ireland marketing director.

The part were Antonio with all that spanishness and the accent is talking to a doughnut is seductively adorable. The ad actually plays on a cliched Hollywood romantic break-up scene just to the point when Banderas, with a gum instead of a gun, blows away the Food Gang instead of a real one. Pure Desperado style all over again.

“Working with the infamous Food Gang has been a lot of fun. However, I did find that I had to concentrate even more as working alongside a doughnut who can quite easily steal a scene was a little unnerving”, declared Antonio after filming was done.