In 2011, Converse launched an interesting and innovative project dubbed Wall to Wall” which celebrates street art across Europe and the U.S. Young street artists were invited to transform city walls into works of art, making the project a great artistic challenge. “Wall to Wall” was carried out in big cities such as Barcelona, ​​New York, Chicago, as well as in Lyon, Napoli and the latest, Portland.

Although Converse is known as a brand that produces the “everyman” shoe, it primarily addresses those to whom it is important to be different and original, which is well depicted through the brand’s history; Supporting the street art scene, which is mostly youth-oriented and associated with  activism and freedom, Converse strengthens its “rebellious” image among its target group. Art series like the “Wall to Wall” project are a great way to advertise the brand; projects such as this one helps Converse stay true to itself and to its main target audience, supposedly an audience who can be easily identified with young, talented and promising artists as their role models.

In the most recent “Wall to Wall” project, artist David D’Andrea created an artwork on the east side of Portland. Check it out below: