What does a brand like Heineken do when over 1700 people apply for a job position at the company? Skipping the standard questions and already prepared answers, Heineken wanted to test their applicants in a slightly different way in order to find the right person for the job.

It would be a shame for me to ruin the experience, so I advise that you check out the video below. The only thing I would ad is that I give kudos for this stunt – not only is it an interesting idea for somewhat of a guerrilla marketing campaign, it also cleverly points out to the consumer that they’re in good hands. Enjoy!

If you were hiring, would you test your candidates in a similar way to find out what they were really made of?

“The Candidate” was developed by the Global Heineken Brand Digital and PR team in collaboration with Publicis Group, Milan, with creative directors Cristiana Boccassini, Bruno Bartelli and Dario Gargiulo. You can also check out the brand’s Facebook or Twitter pages for more additional information.

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