BMW recently launched a new international campaign focused on design of their new vehicles. The priority is set on the Series 4 Coupe, where folks from BMW celebrate their marketing push in a highly dynamic way which can be best seen towards the end of the latest commercial the brand has released. It is important to mention that the campaign was released in Germany, but is expected to reach international markets. As history taught us, if it’s well engineered and turns out to do well in Germany, rest of the world will love it (wink, wink – nudge, nudge).

Other than “Guten Tag”, my German is terrible. However, I had shivers running through my spine and butterflies in my stomach while watching an ad in which I didn’t understand a single word. That makes me think that this campaign will reach its audience world wide, especially with a slick approach that BMW has and how powerful their brand is. I have to notice that, unlike the series from the 90’s that was a lot like Mercedes-Benz’s line, these new Beamers are sportier and more dynamic. Maybe BMW is trying to shift the culture to a slightly different approach.

“Our products promise sheer driving pleasure. But the anticipation of what can be experienced with a BMW, begins at first sight. The new campaign showcases the dynamics of design in a surprisingly different way,” claims the head of BMW Brand Communications, Andreas-Christoph Hofmann.

The idea behind this idea of a moving car even when it stands still, is to show that Series 4 Coupe stands for performance, sportiness and elegance and gives away the feeling that the ground is moving underneath this car. If you dig a little deeper, that is what happens when you see an attractive person ahead of you, or the impression that you want to make. Therefore, if swagadelic is a word in English, that’s how I would describe this campaign for Series 4. And, since I am already making up words, let the German word for it be Swagendelicshe.