Natalie Portman and Sofia Coppola have yet again shown us that they are the perfect duo for Miss Dior; After their first Miss Dior collaboration back in 2011, a new short film directed by Coppola and starring Portman entitled “La Vie en Rose” was released on YouTube and the brand’s website on February 22nd.

With Portman charmingly representing her strong yet somewhat fragile femininity, Sofia Coppola directs in her well-known soft and dreamy manner, making the new short film a bundle of romance, prestige and sensual, rose-spangled elegance. The two complement each other vary nicely, tapping into the core of the Miss Dior brand by portraying Parisian elegance in a freshly subtle, strong and feminine way. As stated on the Miss Dior website:

She (Sofia Coppola) brings a new twist to the ideal of timeless femininity dreamt up by Christian Dior.

Check out the short film and Natalie Portman’s interview about Miss Dior, below:

The beautiful ad is accompanied by an even more stylish website where fans can check out various stories about Miss Dior; From stories about Coppola and Portman or the classic Miss Dior bottle, to behind-the-scenes photos. Dior has also recently made a video about the story of Miss Dior, which you can check out, below: