The Schweppes brand never ceases to surprise and thrill its audience with its peculiar, yet interesting advertising campaigns. Under the direction of Melbourne agency GPY&R they created a new ad which promotes the process that gives its soft drinks their “Schweppervescence.”

Last summer, the company reminded us that the combination of  Schweppes and alcohol is a perfect summer drink choice. Now, Schweppes Australia, in a funny and witty way, wants to represent the experience of consuming their main refreshing soft drink.

The 90-sec video shows a number of individuals who tumble through Australian natural beauties: mountains, forests, meadows and eventually end up falling into the water, with the distinctive sound of bubbles and the tagline: “This is Schweppervescence”. Musical accompaniment of Gilbert’s and Sullivan’s H.M. S Pinafore rhythmically conforms with their tumbling, emphasizing the lively and dynamic atmosphere of the video.

Ben Goss, Senior Brand Manager at Schweppes discusses about the impact of the new campaign:

The whoosh of gas as the bottle is opened, the dance of the bubbles as it’s poured, the tingle on the tongue – and this new campaign is designed to capture and convey the feeling of this experience.

Schweppes is known for its advertising campaigns that are based on distinctive sound effects and onomatopoeias which are subconsciously remembered and retained in the minds of customers, creating a clear association of the sensory experience of refreshing beverages.