How far should a brand go with their social media initiatives? Is it wise to let the mass public make important brand decisions thanks to the sheer power of their numbers? That is, if those numbers can be persuaded to take part, and in order to get a large number of fans engaged, the engagement has to be daring and big enough to spark interest in the first place. It’s a vicious circle of the bigger the risk the greater the benefits – the question is, are there limits to a social media campaign’s success?

The Indian fashion company Fastrack has decided to push the bar pretty high with their newest Facebook stunt. Fans now have the option of liking their page if they want to see the brand change their name from Fastrack to – well, whatever they want. The catch is that the page has to get over 10 million views in 40 days in order for the brand to agree and initiate the big change, which will include modifying all branded products as well as their 130 stores nationwide.

Opinions vary among social media experts as to whether this is a smart move. Some say Fastrack has nothing to lose since there’s no possible way they could get that many people to participate. Others think it a bold break from the usual online promotions that don’t offer anything substantial in return for the enthusiasm their fans show. This way, by expressing their enthusiasm, the community gets to shape the appeal of the brand that they love. Which is a win-win situation since fans get their voice heard and the brand gets a makeover that has a high chance of success (since it was chosen by the target audience) – that is if they can make it past the 10 million line. We’ll be checking up on the results so stay tuned to see whether this marketing experiment turns out to be a cautionary tale or an example to be followed.