After debuting its new campaign during the Super Bowl, Oreo is taking the next step in social media integration: The DIY video. A creative of Weiden + Kennedy’s Portland ad agency, David Neevel, steps up as a self-appointed physicist and constructs an Oreo-separating machine, all part of Oreo’s “Cookie vs. Cream” campaign.

The video is a sarcastic tribute to the DIY online culture, with Neevel proclaiming the hardships he endured during this “0.4-year” endeavor (finding a sandwich being one of them). Similar to “Whisper Fight,” the introductory ad of the campaign, this Oreo-separating video is thematically humorous and exaggerated; in my opinion, Oreo is poking fun at itself and—ultimately—its consumers as an offensive tactic in a noisy digital space. Now, Oreo not only has its devoted followers, but also those with analogous humor that simply wish to partake in the creative campaign.

Hoping that the humor and resident lingo of DIY videos resonates with a digitally-savvy audience, Oreo is doing a fantastic job of replicating a timeless tradition through contemporary means. Sculpting classic Oreo-splitting with digital tools allows for Oreo to sustain its brand’s voice and image, ushering its product into the new generation while enhancing the attachment that made it successful thus far. Undeniably, picking sides of a cookie is not the most fatal of decisions and the fact that Oreo-lovers are this devoted depicts the power of the brand. With recent initiatives, Oreo strives to translate that power into cyber-slang and captivate its younger target.

This video is but a small portion of Oreo’s digital initiatives and, as stated by Rory Kaluza, digital components are necessities in this day and age.  The double-edged campaign as a whole is focused on digital media and has been rather successful so far. What started as a unique and extremely successful Instagram promotion during the Super Bowl, then became a series of creative cookie or cream art pieces. Unsurprisingly, Oreo’s Instagram following spiked during this time period as more and more consumers enlisted for the battle.

The good news is that this is the first of many DIY videos to come. In the following weeks, we will be monitoring the Oreo YouTube page, waiting for similar “engineers” to showcase their innovative projects.