Through its creative advertising campaigns and catchy slogans, Nike set a homework to other brands in successfully motivating buyers to engage in sports and a healthy lifestyle. The brand new and fresh campaign called “Give Me The Ball’”, as a part of the promotional strategy in the Greater China region, is no exception. When attributed to the economic potential of the Chinese market and increased love for sport, this was a clever and strategic marketing decision.

The New Year’s interactive video for the #makeitcount campaign, using a tested and already successful formula of sports endorsement, has inspired us to move out of lethargy and work on physical fitness, strength and will. Now, the focus of a “Give Me The Ball” campaign is a simple premise of picking up the ball and making it happen. The 70-second video, starring famous basketball players like Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Chinese Basketball Association League MVP Yi Jianlian and Wang Zhelin rising star, should motivate youngsters to dream big and work hard, and that everything will eventually pay off. The basic message of this advertising campaign is summed up in the Kendrick Lamar’s lyrics “Martin had a dream”, which can be briefly heard in the video, referring to Marin Luther King’s speech in 1963.

The Chinese rising star and 2012-13 Rookie of the Year and MVP of the Rookie Challenge Wang Zhelin highlights the importance and symbolism of the ball:

When you have the ball in competition, you need to take more responsibility. When I tell a teammate to give me the ball, it means I’m ready to take that responsibility.

With the help of this campaign, Nike steadily continues to build the brand’s image based on values ​​such as determination, safety, commitment and passion. If you take a closer look at their advertising campaigns, the focus is not set so much on the product, but rather on the heroes behind the product: Nike’s modern icons.