The second installation of Oreo’sCookies vs. Cream” DIY marketing campaign has already graced the internet with its presence and this episode is just as funny as the last. While the previous video showed David Neevel, of Weiden + Kennedy’s Portland ad agency, eliminating the cream and solely keeping the cookie, this new machine salvages both. Created by Minnesota toy scientists Barry Kudrowitz and Bill Fienup, this Oreo separating machine is built to deliver preferential portions of the Oreo straight into subjects’ mouths.

Since Kudrowitz wants the cookie and Fienup wants the cream, their innovative engineering allows for the consumption of both. In the first step, the top half of the cookie is separated from the rest and delivered to Subject A’s mouth (in this case, Kudrowitz’s). This is then followed by the atomization of the cream layer as it is sprayed into Subject B’s mouth (here, Fienup’s). Finally, the second cookie is popped up and out of the machine, delivering it straight into Subject A’s hand.

Now, this machine is just as great as the first one, even if it does spray as much cream on Fineup’s face as it does into his mouth. But what I am truly enjoying about this campaign is the humor and sarcasm of it all. Kudrowitz and Fienup stay true to this tone by alluding to their seven-day commitment to the building of the machine and their inability to sleep more than five hours per night; along with this, they speak of fighting over an Oreo as the only serious disagreement they have ever encountered as partners.

Take a look and stay tuned for more: