Socialmatic may not be a common household name yet, but with instagram’s iconic imagery behind it and Polaroid’s name and technology to back it up, socially fun things are bound to happen. This neat photo gadget said to premiere in 2014 uses the android operating system and has a small, built in printer, allowing the user to share his/her documented visual info with others via social media (Socialmatic, facebook, Instagram, the works.) or via real life. As if that wasn’t enough, the printed imagery imprinted on photosensitive, square shaped film has imbued cutting edge adhesive technology, meaning the back can stick to virtually anything. Kind of like a post-it. With a Facebook profile. That never changes.

OK – It’s a Polaroid photo.

Jokes aside, Socialmatic says the camera will include 16GB of storage, WiFi, 3G connectivity, and will come with built in filters. It’s neat that the printed pics will display a scannable QR code that instantly directed other Socialmatics to the photo’s online doppelganger.

With things like glasses that you can Google with and instagramed photos becoming an immediate reality, one might venture a guess that the trend of giving actual shapes and forms to internet phenomena has just begun. It’s also interesting to see how different brands collaborate (in this case Polaroid and Instragram) both trying to achieve a halo of cool by drawing a connection to the other. Even though Instagram has the upper hand when it comes to popularity, Polaroid has the advantage of a nostalgic generation and, of course, that fantastic Outcast song.