ABSOLUT Vodka has teamed up with Loren Cronk, a denim fashion designer in a new collaboration that celebrates the iconic fabric. Cronk is a fashion designer and ‘denim guru’ that has mastered the art of the fabric through self-thought sewing and experimenting, and later working as a designer for popular brands in the 90’s. He then launched his own lines and now runs the labels Soldier and Brave and BLKSMTH and an intimate clothing boutique specializing in denim and hand made jeans in Brooklyn, NY. Reflecting on his love of the fabric, Loren Cronk commented that denim is:

A fabric that has such a great history and a fabric that can have so many different “looks” – from the manufacturing of denim to the way it changes over the years as you wear the jeans.

The denim guru made a denim sleeve for ABSOLUT bottles, that mixes up two modern day icons – denim and ABSOLUT – while maintaining a practical use; it keeps the bottled drink chilled for a couple of hours. The ABSOLUT sleeve is a simple deep blue indigo denim design with a sewed-on ABSOLUT label, resembling the industrial-themed thinking of the designer, while concentrating on detail.

Cronk commented that he thinks any type of “crafted” work involves people who share similar values and visions:

Although making jeans and making vodka require completely different steps to achieve the completed product, the making of both calls for a passionate vision to reach the ideal end result.

ABSOLUT has also put up a pretty neat website that showcases the bottle, artist and recipes for a few denim-inspired cocktails with the help of  a particular Brooklyn bartender, Dan. Check out the website here, or check out other stories about ABSOLUT Vodka, here.