A pleasant aesthetic has just emerged from Adidas. To mark yesterday’s introduction of its new global campaign, “Unite All Originals,” Adidas released a 90-second video representing the vibe and essence of uniqueness. The hero film watches DJ/producer A-Trak remix his single, “Landline,” by sampling the atmospheric sounds of the footage; this was done in collaboration with SoMe, a French director who visually treated the film. Represented by advertising agency Sid Lee in Montreal, the rest of the campaign promises to be just as inspiring as the video.

Although the video is beautifully executed, it symbolizes only the awareness factor of the Adidas Originals campaign. At the campaign’s core lies the adidas collider, an online application showcasing the unprecedented unifications of artists from across the globe and their unique creations. The artists contribute varying talents and include designer Stööki, sculptor Grace Tang, videographer Colin Solal Cardo, artist Evan Roth, rapper Iggy Azalea, music producer Daniel Disaster, painter Flip and digital artist Geoff Lillemon.

When visiting the adidas collider, you have the option of shuffling the artists and landing on a random collaboration or selecting a specific artist of interest; from there, you can delve further into their joint projects or see the Adidas collection that was inspired by them—a hyperlink that always leads to the Adidas Originals shopping page (clever). Along with strategic links to the collection, the adidas collider also allows you to sign up for notifications regarding the release of new collaborations, which are expected to surface regularly.

Herman Deininger, CMO of adidas, speaks of the adidas collider as:

the next step in how we will approach our consumer digitally bringing him or her to the forefront of culture and showcasing how Adidas Originals brings people together to create new forms of originality.

While consuming various content (such as duo-inspired lookbooks) produced by Adidas, the audience can also submit their own works of art or contribute to the community by employing the #adidasoriginals hashtag on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Adidas itself will select the most appealing and post them on a user-specific digital wall.

Furthermore, Adidas and New York entrepreneur, Damon Dash, are also spearheading a triplet of art and music events in Hong Kong entitled—you guessed it—“Unite All Originals.”  According to Hong Kong Hustle, the first event, named Adidas Collide, occurred yesterday and brought together three of the eight artists: Local Grace Tang, Sao Paulo’s Flip and Atlanta’s Daniel Disaster.  The following two events will be held on March 7th and 9th, promising to highlight local culture through underground music and popular bands.

Whether online or in Hong Kong, these initiatives share the common theme of empowerment through culture, identity and ability. Adidas Originals has been paired with well-known artists before, such as rapper 2 Chainz in December and Nicki Minaj back in August, but the current campaign seems to highlight the global versatility by which originality is defined and, most importantly, how Adidas represents that. It is not solely about individuality and expression, but rather promotes a worldwide context defined by the common language of originality and appreciation.

For more information regarding the Unite All Originals events in Hong Kong, watch the artsy promotional video: