As far as Oreo Separator Machines go, we had previously witnessed only two: David Neevel‘s cookie-saving contraption, and Kudrowitz and Fienup’s execution of dual fulfillment. Well, there is now a third invention added to the group. The creators of this (spinning) device, Mark McKeague and Yuri Suzuki, are both conceptual artists from London’s collective DENTAKU. As Neevel did, McKeague and Suzuki have chosen to fight for the cookie. What was originally started by Weiden + Kennedy’s Portland ad agencyis slowly growing as more innovators step up to the challenge and more fans pick a side.

I am glad to see that humor is the common theme of these Oreo videos, since it speaks directly to the triviality of the “war” and sustains an audience from one clip to the next. In this case, McKeague states towards the end of the video,

This is definitely one of our most useful inventions.  I really feel that we’re helping people…eat cookies.

And so, the Cookie vs. Cream battle continues.