ABSOLUT Vodka continues their city-themed limited edition bottle tradition with a colorful new Eastern European themed bottle – ABSOLUT Moscow.

The new limited edition bottle, designed by Prague-based Cocoon Group and Russian fashion designer Alena Akhmadullina, captures both modern and traditional aspects of the city, featuring recognizable Russian buildings, illustrated in a patterned and colorful manner.

Photos: PopSop 

Since Russia is a place known for its vodka, there’s no arguing that its history in the country had something to do with the new limited edition bottle. As Popsop reportsMathias Westphal, global brand director, ABSOLUT, commented that Russia has a rich cultural heritage that found its vibrant live reflections in some modern hotspots across Moscow:

ABSOLUT MOSCOW was created to impress the most sophisticated vodka drinkers and highlight the brand’s long-standing connection with art and culture.

The 300,000 bottles that will be produced will only be available in Russia, from April 1st. Until then, check out some past ABSOLUT City bottles, such as ABSOLUT London or Miami, or participate in making your very own ABSOLUT Chicago limited edition bottle!