Carlsberg’s sadistically sweet viral campaigning has once again been accomplished through an online shock video demonstrating that the brand wants to break certain prejudices by turning the whole negative experience into a positive one. Created by the Belgian-based Duval Guillaume Modem agency, the digital campaign has a relatively simple premise: Your friend calls you somewhere between 1 and 5 AM telling you that he’s in a serious life-threatening situation and he needs your help. Will you help him out?

In a true Duval Guillaume Modem style, the agency which was also responsible for TNT’s A Dramatic Surprise on an Ice-Cold Day and Coke’s Unlock the 007 in You, everything has been thought out to the slightest details, starting from a bare-knuckle boxing contest to a room full of angry looking characters. The interactive aspect of this campaign is already available on Facebook where the brand created an app allowing you to ask how many of your Facebook friends will help you out in dangerous situations like these.

This kind of viral marketing is very popular with beer brands as Carlsberg’s cinema stunt with bikers proved in 2010 and Heineken having recently done something similar with Heineken – The Candidate after their popular Champions League Match vs Classical Concert stunt. Let’s also not forget brands like Sony and Nivea, which have also had their share of fun with The Xperia Soda Stunt and Nivea Deo Stresstest.