As any other major holiday, St. Patrick’s Day is a great chance for brands to show their potential and creatively celebrate with fans. Engaging with consumers, releasing special limited edition products or simply ‘going green’, brands are getting better and better at celebrating the famous Irish holiday. Here’s a round up of some of the best efforts various brands have made this year.

Starting off with supposedly the first thing you looked at on the day of the holiday, Google honored St. Patrick’s Day with an adorable animated Doodle. It featured 6 kids dancing the traditional Irish step-dance. As reported, the Doodle could only be seen in the United States, Ireland, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Google honors the holiday each year with a new Doodle, starting back from 2000. See the full list of St. Patrick’s Google Doodle’s from then to now, here.

Guinness continued its tradition of Paint the Town Black”-inspired celebrations, encouraging consumers to invite their friends to celebrate St. Patrick’s weekend by creating their own “Paint the Town Black” film invitations. Combining personalized invitations and the creativity of making your own videos, as well as Facebook and Google Maps, the video invitation will “Cast Guinness fans in the starring role of an epic film trailer about a great GUINNESS-inspired night out.”

Read more about of what is probably the biggest campaign of this year’s St. Patrick’s Day, here.

Jameson whiskey launched a vintage-inspired limited-edition St. Patrick’s Day bottle, available only in travel retail. The release of the limited-edition bottle, created by glass artist David Smith, “Reflects classic back-bar pub mirrors and Dublin’s pubs”. It was accompanied by Jameson “St Patrick’s Live” events throughout March. From February 2013, the limited edition bottle is available in 24 countries around the world.

Baileys already launched a new bottle recently, so they went in a slightly different direction: Being that the brand sells an Original Irish cream, it celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a “Kiss me, I’m Irish” sweepstakes and Facebook app in which fans were encouraged to send their friends a “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” customized photo to win a free Baileys t-shirt.

„Share your love for Baileys Original Irish Cream, because we’re all a little Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!“ – The page stated. They also posted a cocktail recipe, perfect for the occasion:

General Mills promoted their new Lucky Charms “Chase for the Charms” app for Android and iOS devices with this neat rainbow and action-packed video. The app was made accessible on St. Patrick’s Day.

NASCAR racer Danica Patrick had a chance to drive in a green-painted St. Patrick’s Day GoDaddy car at the Sprint Cup Bristol Race last Sunday.

Nike participated in the celebration by making these smooth-leather SB Dunk sneakers. With Irish-green tones and a hint of gold on the details and ‘the swoosh’, they were made especially for this St. Patrick’s Day and are available for purchase in-store and online.

Some brands, such as Urban Outfitters, shared their love of St. Patrick’s Day by ‘going green’ via social media – the retail brand celebrated the holiday on Pinterest:

What was your favorite St. Patrick’s day brand effort this year?