Guinness continues to celebrate Irish traditions and customs: After the global “Paint the Town Black” campaign for the 2012 celebration of Arthur’s Day, Guinness launched a new yet same-themed campaign, this time calling people around the world to join in the celebration of the 2013 St Patrick’s weekend in the brand’s trademark way.

With a distinctive Balkan-styled musical performance, as in the previous Arthur’s Day commercial, the video portrays the residents of a small unidentified village, who ecstatically cover themselves and their town in black, celebrating the holiday with the famous dark porter. At the end of the video, fans are invited to create their own personalized invitation with the help of Google Maps and a Guinness Facebook application; The app aggregated fans’ images and location in order to later cast them in a movie trailer about a “Great Guinness inspired night out” that they could then share with their friends via social networks.

During the St Patrick’s weekend itself, the brand has given consumers the chance of winning a trip to Dublin with their friends to celebrate The Gathering 2013, a year-long celebration of Ireland and its people, by taking photos with Guinness products and uploading them to an online Facebook photo app.

Oliver Loomes, GUINNESS Global Brand Director commented that they had a great time at the Guinness headquarters, creating as many different ways to celebrate the day as possible. He also pointed out the importance of the holiday :

St Patrick’s Day is about having a fantastic night out with friends, no matter where you are in the world. And this year, we want people around the globe to come together and Paint the Town Black with us, to celebrate this much-loved holiday in style.

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