Converse brings the sneaker spirit back to the game! ”Shoes Are Boring. Wear Sneakers.” is the name of their new global campaign, which can, in my opinion, seriously compete with Nike’s iconic “Just do it”. A month ago we featured Converse’s “Wall-to-wall” project in which graffiti and murals were transformed into indirect ads, thus supporting the development of the street art scene around the world. This time, Converse sought further urban-styled efforts in collaboration with London-based creativity studio Amplify, specialized in brand strategy, experience and amplification.

Amplify successfully implemented a complex advertising campaign for one of the most beloved sneakers in the world. Strategically, the campaign had its two phases that took place in East London:

The first phase was a series of out-of-home advertising such as tube posters, billboards, shop shutters, bespoke commissioned street art pieces that created awareness interest for the brand in an informal and unusual way. A series of live events and public actions (giant bubble wrap hopscotch walkways stations, portable truck sound system, open air parties) were part of the second marketing phase that caused a big hype on social networks while securing the brand’s deeper engagement; My personal highlight of the campaign was a thousands illuminated Converse sneakers organized as a public art installation.

The campaign resulted in 70k sneakers engaging with the live activations and a combined reach of over 12 million people. Amplify enthusiastically accepted their task:

Converse’s new global campaign is rooted in the mind set of creativity, mischief and rebellion. It was a brief for Amplify to relish – launching a new campaign that will form the core of the brand’s DNA for all future communications.

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