How many times have you rolled your eyes at parent’s remarks that sound something like: “Put on a jacket, it’s cold outside!” or “Don’t sit on cold concrete”? Surely, a bunch of time. Well guess what, Mentos in their global new “Stay Fresh” campaign, reminds us of all that funny little moments and suggests to be cool and not to prematurely turn into our boring parents. The campaign targets younger audience through the smart tagline “Don’t Become Your Dad” and includes three TV commercials, press and outdoor executions, all created by BBH London.

The videos are based on the same premise, playing with adult cliches and universal fear of becoming dull, annoying persons. In the first spot, our hero turns down an offer of a car ride with two beautiful women because their vehicle doesn’t have any seat belts. The second one features a guy wanting to leave a hot tub full of good looking chicks because he is scared of a bacterial infection. Depending on the type of your humor, you can surely find your favorite one.  My pick was the third ad: a young man in the library who doesn’t know how to turn off his brand new ringing phone, commenting that it’s probably best to design an app for “a phone making just phone calls”.

Once again, the brand has showed that it deftly flirts on the verge of trivial humor, predictable situations and sexuality in new Pure Fresh Gum, which we’ve featured a couple a months ago.