As marriage equality is being considered by the Supreme Court this week, brands slowly begin to take a stand.

Social media has, as always, proven to be the appropriate medium to show off your stands and opinions – social media websites are currently flooded with red equality profile pictures, and corporations are now joining in. One of the first that did are Smirnoff And ABSOLUT Vodka, posting their support via Facebook.

While Smirnoff posted a simple picture with differently paired drinks, subtly sending a strong message, ABSOLUT posted a red ABSOLUT bottle that features a fairly effective caption: ABSOLUT SUPPORT.

ABSOLUT is not new to supporting gay rights, but neither is Starbucks, who also took a stand on marriage equality several days a go when the brand’s CEO put a smackdown on an anti-marriage equality shareholder.

Amazon and Expedia have also been showing support for diversity and equality, while brands like Facebook, Google and Oreo proudly shared their love on last year’s pride parade; And when mentioning champions in sharing love and support, we must not forget Benetton, a long-time passionate fighter for equality.

Do you know any other brands that support marriage equality or any other similar causes? And which have the potential to join in?