Music festivals constantly try to reinvent themselves through following trends that appeal to the masses and seeing how the majority of events like these usually target younger audiences, brands are able to pump a lot of creativity which can result in some truly brilliantly executed campaigns. Such was the case with Hewlett-Packard at last year’s Planeta Terra festival in Sao Paulo, where the brand together with AlmapBBDO have created a giant inflatable ball for the party people to enjoy. Where’s the catch? The ball had an integrated HD camera and it was able to take photos and videos, bringing a whole new perspective to the event while retaining the digital aspect through broadcasting photos in real-time onto the stage and via live stream, as well as uploading them onto social media for fans to connect and engage.

The main reason behind this very creative idea was to bring closer to people HP’s new slogan “Making Memories Last” which promotes the brand’s line of printers and the whole process of  immortalizing photos through print. From a marketing standpoint it seems they’ve succeed as over 3 million people witnessed the ball bouncing around on live stream and over 2,000 photos were printed in just a few hours in a special HP stand set up just for the occasion. Come to think of it, this was probably one of the best ways to capture the smile on people’s faces because, really, who doesn’t enjoy kicking around a huge, funny-looking bouncing ball?

HP – Photoball (ENG) from AlmapBBDO Internet on Vimeo.