Paving their way to becoming the first world class agency out of Africa, Johannesburg’s TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris definitely found a way to step it up. In order to promote the unconventional approaches for which their company stands for, the design group took clients’ briefs and made art out of them. Utilizing only what was in front of them, a combination of brief pages and cardboard envelopes, they managed to embed the essence of each brand into three-dimensional paper sculptures, and to literally illustrate their raw talent.

“At TBWA, we believe in the freedom to challenge conventions. It liberates our ideas and our thinking. It liberates our creativity. We noticed that some clients would brief their campaigns into the agency, but would take the design requirements elsewhere. Our task was to remind them about our dedicated design department and prove we could do great work,” stated the agency.

The campaign turned out to be a huge success. The design team received their first new brief only five days later and new design work rose by 450 percent within the first six weeks. So, “stuck in paperwork” can now have a whole new connotation.