April Fools’ Day is one of those days when brands have the chance to show what they’re really made of in terms of creativity and engagement; By joining in the fun they often show us a much-needed humane and fun face. From products for pets to absurd new features, this year it was quite fun to watch what brands came up with for the famous international prank day. Check out some of the best April Fools’ Day brand pranks we’ve selected, below:

Twitter rolled out Twttr – a vowel-lacking alternative to the original platform. Hppy prl fl’s dy!

Google introduced Google Nose, a new scent search feature:

Gmail followed by also introducing this revolutionary feature:

…While Google Maps morphed into treasure mode.

On the other hand, The Guardian used April Fools day to spoof Google Glass by making their very own Guardian Goggles:

YouTube announced that it’s shutting down and reviewing all the videos on the website in order to name the ultimate winner. The video explaining YouTube’s closing was made in collaboration with The Onion and it featured adorable cameos from internet sensations such as Antoine Dodson, David After Dentist and Charlie from Charlie Bit My Finger.

Scope introduced bacon mouthwash:

While Toshiba introduced Shibasphere, the most intense game console ever conceived by Toshiba:

Samsung announced a new rather revolutionary product as well – the SMART Eco Tree, a tree that, surprisingly enough, intakes CO2 and releases oxygen to support a healthier environment. Kudos for both celebrating April Fools’ and reminding us of the upcoming Earth Day on April 22nd.

Mashable created the (much-needed) Troll Appreciation Day:

Kayak and DeviantART became dating websites:

…While Vimeo introduced Vimeow:

BMW was also proud to announce the launch of the limited edition BMW P.R.A.M. (Postnatal Royal Auto Mobile) in celebration of the Royal family. But that’s not all – you can now Skype into Space as well, or look under your feet instead of out the window in Virgin’s new glass bottom plane. Also, you can drink Nesquik’s broccoli milk, spray a bit of Lipton perfume, heat something up in a Nokia microwave oven, wear Durex’s first sex noise cancelling headphones, or on that note, buy a pear of SONY headphones for your pets.

Not enough pranks? Here’s a list of our last year’s favorites. What was your favorite brand prank this year?