Nestlé is celebrating its instant coffee brand’s 75th anniversary. As a brand that started out to solve the problem of what to do with unsold coffee, Nescafé is now a global brand that can praise itself with the fact that more than 5,500 cups of the instant coffee are consumed every second around the world.

Carsten Fredholm, Head of Nestlé’s Beverage Strategic Business Unit commented that they are celebrating the rich history and heritage of Nescafé. He states that over the past 75 years, the product has evolved from a tin of coffee to a full portfolio of products and systems:

Nescafé is present in over 180 countries and we are also highlighting its promise for future growth as it continues to lead the coffee beverage category.

In order to celebrate their anniversary, the brand invites us to a journey throughout its history via a diverse and historical slideshow of old ads, pictures, illustrations and products from around the world and the past 75 years, referring to the changes that made Nescafé what it is today.

Check out some of the amusing vintage adverts below, to get a better sense of Nescafé’s journey from the 1930’s to today :

 Newspaper advert from Switzerland (1930’s) & Nescafé individual portion products (1938)

Poster adverts from Switzerland in the 1940’s & 1950’s

Adverts from Japan (1960’s) & Switzerland (1970’s)

Adverts from India (1980’s) & France (1990’s)

To check out the whole slideshow, click here, or read more about the brand’s history, innovation and milestones, here. There were quite a few other brand anniversaries in the past few months as well; Check out how MINI, Toyota, Diet Coke or Twitter celebrated their birthdays.