10 years after it has been originally introduced in the UK market and then discontinued in 2006, Coca-Cola Vanilla makes a comeback in style as one of the brand’s most favorite and best-selling flavors of the past decade. Along with a refreshed packaging, the product is supported by print advertising, outdoor media and in-store activity to bring closer the offering to the consumers.

Zoe Howort, Marketing Director for Coca-Cola Great Britain stated that the Vanilla variant was the product that consumers wanted the most to be reinstated: “There has been huge consumer demand for the return of Vanilla Coke so we were really excited about bringing back the variant to the Coca-Cola family. We’re glad consumers are able to enjoy their favourite refreshing Coca-Cola taste with a hint of vanilla again.”

Coke has also prepared a special delivery for the “superfans” of the brand through the use of social media where they get to taste it before the official launch. With the brand’s global share going down in 2012 and competitors such as Pepsi gaining on the through the celebrity endorsed “Live for Now” campaign, the relaunch of an already proven and wanted product can be seen as a smart move by the soft drinks giant.

Recently, the brand has resurrected Diet Coke’s The Hunk ad and appointed the fashion designer Marc Jacobs as its Creative Director.

Images: TheDrum, PopSop