To celebrate the launch of Virgin Atlantic’s first domestic flight service, Little Red, the brand teamed up with Bacardi Global Travel Retail, which released 200 bottles of exclusive limited-edition Dewar’s blended Scotch whiskey.

Bringing a splash of red to the sky, the Little Red service now offers trips between London, Edinburgh, Manchester, and Aberdeen. Richard Branson, Virgin Atlantic founder and president, said that Virgin Atlantic has been on an incredible journey since its start and a single plane 29 years ago and that Little Red represents the next step on that journey. The service was also established as an alternative to British Airways, with Branson stating that:

The European Commission recognized that a British Airways monopoly would be undeniably bad for consumers and Little Red will stop British Airways dominating routes and driving higher prices.

Richard Branson arriving at Edinburgh Airport at the inaugural Virgin Atlantic Little Red flight on April 8, 2013 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Courtesy: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Dewar’s comes into the picture as a celebration of the new service’s launch; The bottles of the Dewar’s House 17 Years Old edition whiskey, inspired by vintage baggage label designs, all numbered and signed by Dewar’s Master Blender Stephanie Macleod, were handed out to passengers of one of the first Little Red’s flights on April 8th, as a present.

The limited-edition Dewar’s bottle with details of Little Red’s first flight to Edinburgh. Source: Moodiereport

Passengers were also welcomed on the flight by Richard Branson himself, treated to cocktails based on Dewar’s blends, while the brands also hosted a party for 400 people at The Caves in Edinburgh, serving Dewar’s cocktails. Photos from the launch can be viewed here, and for more stories about Virgin, click here.