Kit Kat’s limited edition white chocolate was running out, but the brand managed to ‘save’ the last 50 chocolates. Asking how do you make something limited last forever, the brand came up with quite an interesting answer, tasking Australian illustrator Mike Watt to make original artworks out of the remaining 50 limited edition Kit Kat White’s.

The illustrator melted the chocolate and made 50 unique, hand-made illustrations on 50 red blank canvases, thus preserving the chocolate and keeping a piece of Kit Kat’s history, forever.

Check out the illustrations and video that explains Watt’s thoughts and techniques, below:

More illustrations can be seen on Kit Kat’s Facebook page, where the brand combined the original artwork with social media, and asked fans to pick out their favorite – the fastest fans were then awarded in “a true Kit Kat style”.

The brand had similar marketing attempts before, such as the “Break Time Friday” illustration campaign executed via Facebook back from March 2011. For other Kit Kat stories, click here.