During this year’s Salone del Mobile, the MINI Design Team, led by Anders Warming, tried to breathe life into the MINI Paceman. With an intention of pointing out its personality hidden behind the sum of a metal parts, they set up the multidimensional installation KAPOOOW!, and managed to attract most of the stage lights.

The project, inspired by the traits of the Sports Activity Coupé, is presented as a car trapped between two worlds. One all painted in chrome and the other woven out of paper parts – each an idea, presenting their path into something tangible. If you look close enough this could be one more example of how two opposite parts define one perfect entirety.

With it’s sporting agility, the MINI Paceman is poised to leap into a new world in which colours and materials change and open the door to unimagined realm of experience.

The installation is placed in an authentic MINI Paceman Garage, and will be available to visitors until April 14th.

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