It seems that last week was a week for  moving advertising boundaries when it comes to the Nike company. Interactivity, innovation and originality of Nike’s marketing efforts have long been a professional standard for the legendary sportswear brand. For instance, the two recently implemented installations located at different geographical points are manifestations of a clever high-tech approach and a remarkable level of creativity.

One of those is an interactive installation, created in Toronto by agency Blast Radius and design and visual effects studio Mirada. The installation consists of a large display which projects pieces of different artworks, separated into various layers using Photoshop; They can be moved with the help of two unique Nike sneakers designed by artists James Jean and David Choe. Customers are encouraged to move sneakers in different directions and thus manipulate the video material. Who knew that a pair of Nike’s could be used as a paintbrush?

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Almost simultaneously, in Amsterdam, the brand has unveiled a 3D outdoor hologram (created by agencies Mindshare, Kinetic, and JCDecaux) in order to promote the latest Nike Free Shoe. The installation shows off the flexibility and authenticity of the athletic shoe model; A hologram cube, which was set in a light box, shows Nike’s virtual model moving around and dancing. The tube’s transparency affects to the fact that people can see them from all sides. The Holocube used for the installation is an extremely expensive technology that was patented about five years ago and has been demonstrated at many fairs and exhibitions. Nike is probably among the first to use this technique in its promotion, and thus once again proved its visionary spirit.

Take a closer look at the Nike Holocube below, or check out other interesting installations from brands, here.