By definition, garden gnomes are figurines made out of porcelain serving the purpose of ornamentation and protection from evil sorcery, however they are also known to be everyone’s favorite garden kitsch decoration. It’s no wonder why IKEA has decided to poke the utterly dull byproduct of the past centuries in their new UK and Ireland campaign called “Make More of Your Garden”. The campaign, which is an extension of the brand’s last year marketing shift on outdoor living solutions, features everything it needs to draw your attention and make you smile: a typical family, IKEA furniture and evil garden gnomes plotting to destroy everything that is new.

Developed by Mother London, the campaign has its online counterpart present at the brand’s official website as well as all over social media. Freddy Mandy, Creative Director at Mother explains the idea behind this campaign: “To us, gnomes symbolize the lacklustre state of the nation’s gardens. They are tired, old fashioned and uninspired. So we imagined the gnomes’ reaction to a family installing new, exciting, modern garden furniture into their territory. It sparks a turf war, quite literally.”

Let’s be honest here: even though some people may seem that garden gnomes make an attractive garden detail, it was about time a brand which specializes in smart and functional design put an end to the unnecessary kitsch which can be found in a lot of UK homes, apparently. Through this marketing effort, IKEA wanted to make a statement that there is always a place for good design which can be found in their products.

Check out the video: