There is a special bond between soft drink brands and vending machines. In fact, it is so special that brands go to great lengths to reinvent the way vending machines interact with consumers. After Coca-Cola’s karaoke vending machine, Coca-Cola Freestyle as well as Pepsi’s interactive vending machine, 7 Up has decided to spread some holiday joy in Argentina last January by creating a vending machine out of ice which, through melting down, gives away free 7 Up drinks to passers-by.

This marketing push called “The Melting Machine” was created by BBDO Argentina and the agency has put together a short video explaining the entire project from start to finish. Check it out:

The great thing behind this low-tech, physics-dependent installation is that once it melts it’s gone – it doesn’t need any maintenance or clean-up and it serves the purpose of promoting the brand in a fun and engaging way. Through a Twitter hashtag, fans of the brand were invited to guess the exact time when the installation will entirely disappear, the winners ultimately being rewarded with 7 Up six-packs.

It is always nice seeing brands stepping up their game and allowing creative agencies to promote their inventiveness. These kind of installations have more potential to go viral rather standard advertising, resulting in a greater exposure for the brand with a little investment as possible.