Given the great experience and the success of the last year’s campaign, the popular feminine hygiene brand Kotex, together with an agency from Tel Aviv called Smoyz, which defines itself as a boutique for unique marketing, decided to do the sequel. This time, in order to show their full devotion to women and their needs, Kotex found out what inspires them and made it count by basing their research on an insight the brand has when it comes to the demographic structure of their consumers and their social media habits. The “Inspiration Day 2” was set as a live Pinterest store in Tel Aviv, where women had the opportunity to choose a from a number boxes with a sentence that inspires them, pin it, and, ultimately, win it.

Considering the amount of social media impressions the campaign achieved, it is certain that forming the brand’s identity by resorting to inspiration and the depth and the meaning behind it, as well as placing a strong accent on female individualism is eventually the safest way to build brand loyalty and engagement.

Check out the video below to see how the campaign was received: