The Union Series Meridian Session Ale is the first of many package designs for Summit Brewing Company by Duffy & Partners rolling out through Fall 2013. Summit is approaching its third decade with a complete rebrand, which shows a strong sense of history while keeping up with modern times. Mark Stutrud, Founder & President of Summit Brewing Company commented that innovation is part of the brand’s DNA:

This change reflects our creativity, celebrates our commitment to the values of local craft brewing, and honors the comunity we come from.

To reflect the handcrafted nature of Summit Brewing Co.’s Union Series, Duffy & Partners used the old logo as an inspiration for the new one and akraft paper for the design, giving the package a hand-made and vintage feel, while the typography was chosen to reflect and celebrate the Minnesota brewing heritage.

Old and new Summit Brewing Company logos

This is just part of the brand’s rebranding process – launched as a preparation to double the brand’s production capacity – starting with the Union Series, Summit will be rolling out a complete new identity throughout 2013 and 2014. From a brand new logo, last time changed in 1999, to new packaging design, the new look will be an evolution of Summit’s past combined with a modern look, reflecting the brand’s heritage and history.

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