The most fun part in the world of branding is that everything can be branded. A brand can be created out of nothing or can develop unintentionally. A brand can mean everything or absolutely nothing. With a smart plan and hard work combined with a couple of strokes of luck, everybody can own a brand. It’s an entire philosophy behind the concept of branding which ultimately determines the fate of brands. After all, when something is called a brand that doesn’t necessarily mean that its success is guaranteed.

During the last decade’s digital boom the term personal branding has been pitched around a lot and it has grown to be the favorite marketing tool for aspiring business men that wish to boost their career in the best way possible. Simply put, personal branding is the way individuals stand out due to their uniqueness and the value they represent by just having their name mentioned.

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But what if we went back in time, before smartphones and social networks existed, and before personal branding, yet alone branding, was a term used strictly for marking livestock? This is exactly what Meg Jannott did: she gave a unique identity to the United States presidents which resonates through a well-put typography. Every identity is characteristic for each president and it defines them in a casual manner either through a specific symbol or through a memorable quote.

According to her Tumblr blog, Meg’s branding project is yet to be finished, so be sure to check it out for updates and see the rest of the images.