Portland-based House Spirits Distillery, one of the most established and fastest-growing craft-distilleries in the United States, needed a fresh new design for its flagship product, Aviation Gin, in order to establish its point of differentiation from traditional London Dry Gin, tasking Award-winning brand design agency Sandstrom Partners in doing so.

Featuring aircraft imagery and ‘American’ typography, the design is made to stand out on shelves next to English competitors and make the product more attractive to a contemporary audience, encouraging the world to embrace an innovative style of gin; Sandstrom president Jack Peterson commented that the bottle and label are designed to strikingly differentiate the brand from the pack in an American way:

Up until now, gin has been a spirit closely associated with the English—London dry gin. Aviation is creating the new American Gin experience, downplaying juniper and adding other adventurous botanicals for a more balanced flavor.

Thomas  Mooney, CEO and co-­owner of House Spirits Distillery added that as the popularity of Aviation American Gin continued to grow, they needed a bottle that could speak for itself and tell the story of the brand:

We believe this eye-­catching new design will continue to further position Aviation as a contemporary American craft spirit while also celebrating the distinctive nature of the gin itself.

The ‘American Gin’ is an exciting mixture of flavors such as cardamom, lavender, Indian sarsaparilla, coriander, anise, and dried sweet orange peel, and was named by the classic cocktail (The Aviation) originating from the early 20th century.

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