It is generally well known that Coca-Cola continually invests in advertising and strengthening its position in the market; At this moment, you’ve all probably had an opportunity to see altered Coke bottles, in which the iconic logo is replaced with popular names and terms, making you wonder what new marketing plot is cooking at Coca-Cola.

It is the new, personalized ”Share a Coke” campaign, launched across Europe this month. The basic concept is that the most popular names of each of the markets can be found on Coca Cola’s labels;  the ‘chosen’ names are the ones that are commonly frequented thus placed in order to trigger specific emotions in consumers.

As part of the campaign, the brand will also be launching ”Share A Coke” vending machines, whit which consumers can personalize their very own Coca-Cola or Coca-Cola can or bottle. A Facebook application is also included, allowing users to create a personalized virtual Coke and share it with their friends across social networks.

The campaign first started in Australia back in 2011 focusing on the idea of bringing consumers closer together and sharing a good time over a Coca-Cola. It proved to be very successful, increasing sales by 4 percent; Thus the revived strategy now aims at reaching 32 countries, combining country-specific television ads with online media.

Caroline Cater, operational marketing director for Coca-Cola Enterprise believes that the campaign will help capture the nation’s imagination and will help to drive volume and value growth for retailers: “We’re issuing the invite for people to connect and as part of that we want the public to have fun finding the names of their friends and loved ones on our products, and taking the time to Share a Coke with them.

If you are interested in the campaign’s effectiveness, check the research results of its social media impact and target group reach. Also, take a closer look how the mass personalized campaign was conducted.