The best way to do cheep content marketing is to give people free t-shirts because they are walking billboards. Funny design and an underlying message would always catch ones attention and there are numerous examples of companies trying this method to launch a campaign that is attached to it.

However, you have never seen anybody carrying a small clip of an advertisement in their beard. Ladies and gents, allow me to introduce Beardvertising. It is just as it sounds: imagine a micro billboard placed in your beard. It is a lot like a walking billboard but in your beard. My advertising influence professor always stressed that pointing parts of women’s body is the easiest way to get man’s attention; so do ladies like scruffy men with micro billboards in their beards?

It’s not a joke. You can sign up at but you better have a long beard. The idea is brought to you by Cornett-IMS, well know creative ad agency from Kentucky. Summer is not really the time of year when you grow a beard but hey, no-shave November is just around the corner.