These days Friendship Dairy’s blue truck is wandering across the streets of Manhattan offering New Yorkers the taste of protein-packed, on-the-go cottage cheese products. In order to promote a healthy lifestyle, the brand teamed up with celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito and tried, by showcasing the versatility and great taste of these all natural low-calorie cottage cheeses, to prove that healthy and delicious are not mutually exclusive.

Produced by New York City-based Grand Central Marketing, Friendship’s truck will continue to announce its next locations via Facebook and Twitter; It can also be found, at events such as charity walks, golf tournaments and races until June 4th when the campaign ends.

Almost a hundred years ago, after it was made for the first time in a small town located in upstate NY, an old world-style cheese called farmer cheese was brought to the streets of New York City. Somehow it is the place where everything actually started. So don’t miss it–find the truck and be part of history.