It’s all about the customer, isn’t it? Although already very original, Ben & Jerry’s is now searching for advice on new flavors from some of the biggest cities in America. Targeting the cities of Washington D.C., San Francisco, New York City, Portland and Seattle, the brand is asking for guidance from those who appreciate it the most:  The consumers.

Entitled City Churned and launched in partnership with agency 360i, the campaign allows for the crowdsourcing of flavors by votes. However, the inhabitants are not the only ones voting–the city itself, also has a say. For example, every event in NYC brings a certain amount of points for a flavor. That way, the resulting product will not only be connected to each individual city, but also the behaviors within it. For example, an on-time 1/2/3 train arriving at Times Square is a vote for Spoonable Caramel, while an on-time 4/5/6 train arriving at Grand Central marks a vote for Waffle Cone Pieces. And while all of this fun voting is occurring, participants are also asked to submit a potential name for the end-flavor.

Many brands nowadays try to pitch campaigns designed with their customers in mind, but really only intend to increase sales. These guys seems as though they are actually making a difference and changing things. Don’t believe me? Choose you own flavor at, but hurry because the voting ends July 14th. Until then, you can follow the whereabouts of the Ben & Jerry’s Truck to get some free scoops. Oh, and watch all of the cities’ respective videos below:

Washington, D.C.

San Francisco

New York