The popular notebook brand, Moleskine, has refreshed its logo and introduced a monogram graphic – its new visual key component – with the help of  Milan-based consultancy A+G Achilli Ghizzardi Associati.

The logo has been slightly ‘tweaked’; the new typographic logo doesn’t differ much except that it now gives the logo a slightly softer look with softer edges replacing strict and sharp ones. Moleskine explained this as:

 A more emphasized roundness to the curves of the letters, which creates a proprietary font for the first time in the company’s history.

The tweaked “M” from the typographic logo was then used as a starting point for the identity and the ‘monogram graphic’.

New & old Moleskine logo

The monogram symbol of nine modules forms a square, one of them being the Moleskine-based letter “M”, with the eight other soft-rounded squares meant to illustrate how you can fill your Moleskine. This way, a flexible window is created that can communicate almost anything, from social media sharing to sketches or doodles, thus further evolving the identity and making a “window for creativity and all its forms”. It’s a window into a different world:

An open platform capable of housing an infinite number of creations, imaginations and identities.

Moleskine stated that, organized in a structured grid [the monogram] brings together various facets of the brand. It maintains a balance between cohesion and openness, in keeping with the brand’s values of organization and creativity:

The intention was to create a fluid visual icon that communicates its multi-faceted and open nature while unifying its many objects, types of users and brand values.

They add that the grid, simultaneously structured and organized whilst retaining an element of fluidity and movement, serves to celebrate  all the different formats, media, methods and spaces which allow creativity and individual expression to thrive.

According to DesignWeek, the monogram has been introduced to help unite Moleskine’s new various offers, such as apps, instruments for writing and reading, cases, bags, as well as their iconic notebooks.

Images: DesignWeek & Moleskine

The new logo will begin to appear on packaging, press and marketing materials and in stores from next year. Until then, tell us what you think of the new logo and check out some of these logo designs and redesigns.