It has been two and a half years since Instagram enabled its users to post pictures on Facebook instantly, and has been a great sell ever since. It is very user friendly, and what makes it different is the fact that anybody can be a photographer. All you have to do is toss a filter or two and you’re all set. However, Instagram is now taking another step forward. With Instagram Video option, you can record up to 15 seconds of your special story and post it online.

There are 13 filters specifically for these videos that you can use, but here’s the catch. You can select a scene from your video to be a “cover”, so that it looks like an Instagram picture when video is not playing. Still, content can be seen by those that you allow, just like with pictures.

There is this extraordinary fact that Instagram has 130 million users and 16 billion shared photos worldwide, thus it will be  intriguing to see how this goes. Unlike Vine that has only 6 seconds of content, Instagram Video has 15, which makes it better for users to record more and worry less about the time of the video. Furthermore, Instagram carries its brand identity and everything that goes along with it, which might win them a few extra fans with the new video option. Nonetheless, Vine is heavily Twitter based, Instagram is more of a Facebook tool and might bring Facebook back to life after multiple drops in shares value these past few weeks. Also, Vine is a local league player. Instagram has 10 times more users, and numbers barely ever lie.

So, why does all this matter? And how does this affect brands on social media?

Some brands have already used Instagram Videos that are online already. Burberry, Lululemon, Red Vines Candy and Charity Water have already posted their “Instavideos” online, and this opens a whole new set of opportunities for creative advertising. Big brands can get online within seconds, if posted by a certain celebrity. Movie stars, professional athletes, even politicians can post videos (un)intentionally sponsoring a brand, and that video is free to make and moves at the speed of light in any social media. I suppose that, in a matter of weeks, we will have Instagram Video campaigns, with creative folks posting videos and promoting brands. Just wait for it.

This may easily be the next big thing. Would you agree?