In order to make an eye-catching appearance in New York City, brands must be very innovative when it comes to retail. Kate Spade Saturday comes right at you with its new concept of window shopping!

What is this all about? Well, first, you have to make the perfect first time impression—which Kate does well with black and yellow colors that you simply cannot miss. Can you even imagine walking by the yellow store, decorated with maze-like black and white structures all over, and not even be slightly interested? Probably not, especially with this particular color combination and the strong impression it leaves on the viewer.

You, as one very tempted viewer, approach the window and understand that this is not a regular store – it is a new kind of “tap to shop” window store. You find yourself confronted with a large screen that holds beautiful Kate Spade apparel, with many opportunities:  You can browse through models, colors and sizes simply by tapping. After you choose what you want to purchase, you check out by simply entering your phone number. After receiving a text message, followed by your approval, your purchase is delivered for free anywhere in Manhattan (and even in some parts of Brooklyn) within an hour. When the delivery arrives, you can then try your things on; if they do not fit, you do not actually have to take them. How convenient is that?

This great branding idea, combined with a digital perspective and stunning customer experience, is available only in NYC until July 7th.

For more information, check out the following video: