When you lead an agency or work in one, you have to think of it as an organism where everyone realizes that their role is important. Basically, what you need is utter unity and understanding between employees and creative, but strong leadership. That is of course when it comes to small agencies, but what happens with big ones? What is the role of a single employee and how he perceives his position?

Large-scale agencies have a rigid structure – established hierarchy that is in fact, necessary in order for these agencies to function. But in every system there should be a place dedicated to employees. Therefore, agencies should pay more attention to how they search and hire new people.

We’ve recently witnessed Heineken’s original take on hiring new employees; but now let’s take Red Tettemer + Partners (RT+P) for example. It was announced on the 1st of July that Jessica O’Conor joined this agency as VP, Group Account Director. This agency’s specialty is to welcome new team members quite unconventionally. For Jessica, they made a hand-crafted LEGO portrait – check out their way to say welcome to the new hire:

Dealing with employees doesn’t have to be that much of a hassle, all you need is a little creativity to spice it all up.