It is true that you must be creative when it comes to advertising, but this ad placement really couldn’t be predicted. UK based mobile streaming services provider Sky Go targeted folks that are really tired while coming back home from work, supposedly often leaning against train windows. How to get these people to see or hear an ad? Well, it seems that SkyGo found a way.

Created with the help of BBDO Düsseldorf, this is not a standard audio advertisement. The technology called “Bone Conduction” transmits high frequency vibrations through a small device that are interpreted by the brain and what you hear is this: “Are you bored? Get SkyGo for your mobile, best entertainment of live sport, when you want it, where you want it”, and only the person with his/hers head on the window can hear it.

Should this be considered as intrusion or a great marketing innovation? Perhaps a little bit of both.