Have you ever wondered which is the most used word in English language? Yes, you are right, the bold one. It’s a three characters word and just imagine how much space you would save if a universal symbol for this word existed.

Would you be surprised if we told you that it already exists? Its creator, Paul Mathis, an Australian restaurateur, was inspired by efficiency, claiming that his symbol for “the” will save a lot of time and space worldwide. It looks like a Cyrillic letter “Ћ” and it was created by merging uppercase T and lowercase h.

Mathis did a lot more, let alone the creation of the symbol. Two apps are available on Google Play, both claiming to be the most unique predictive word engines, but for one that is called THE Keyboard Top 15 you have to pay $.1.80. App Store’s gatekeepers rejected this application, so symbol “Ћ” is reserved only for Android users.

Fun fact: This article contains 7 thes and by using this symbol we would have saved 14 characters.